I shared my recipe for Peach Soda late last week in conjunction with Poland Spring® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water (sponsored by Poland Spring®). If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to visit the recipe page… I’m giving away a few cookbooks there, and your chance to enter ends in a few days!

If you make the Peach Soda recipe, one of the byproducts is peach pulp. You basically boil down the peaches in a little water with honey until it creates a jam-like consistency. The boiling usually takes about an hour, after which you strain the nectar and cool it down to be mixed with the sparkling water.

This #NoSugarAdded Peach Pulp gets stirred into plain #GreekYogurt to make your own #healthy flavored yogurts!

The recipe is SUPER EASY, and you can make the nectar in large batches to refrigerate until you’re ready to make the drink. The best part is that there is no added sugar! Unlike sodas you buy, this recipe allows you to control the sugar content, which is great for diabetics and anyone looking to reduce their sugar intake.

…but what to do with the peach pulp? Coincidentally, Chobani sent me six, large tubs of yogurt in various flavors the same week I made the peach soda. With a surplus of delicious, Chobani yogurt (hardly a problem for Greek-yogurt-lovers), and all the leftover peach pulp, I decided to combine the two to create my own peach yogurt!

Make #Homemade Peach Yogurt! - #NoSugarAdded #Healthy #Recipe

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the yogurt flavors you can buy, but some of them are packed to the brim with sugar. If you’re looking for a “no sugar added” alternative, you can make your own fruit pulp and stir it into unflavored, unsweetened yogurt.Stir Peach Pulp into Plain #GreekYogurt to make your own flavored yogurts!

Looking for the recipe? Visit the recipe page for Peach Soda, the peach pulp is a byproduct of making that recipe. While you’re there, be sure to enter to win one of four great cookbooks!